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At Annie's Burgertown we try to go above and beyond your expectations of a classic drive-in. We are fully committed to providing quality yet savory food to our customers. Our homemade root beer has been made in house for over 50 years! Rest assured, trust Annie's Burgertown to provide you with the highest grade meats that we roast ourselves. Additionally, an abundance of menu items are made from scratch such as our onion rings, ranch dressing, coleslaw, cookie dough and so much more!  

Summer brings our carhops back. They are happy to serve you in your car or at many of our outdoor picnic tables. Our inside seating is limited, but you are welcome to come in and place your order or call ahead for a pick-up or delivery.

Annie's Burgertown Catering is now available year round! We prepare mass quantities of food without sacrificing homemade quality and freshness. We offer a wide variety of appetizers, entrees, sides, and desserts. Please inquire or stop by to check out our catering menu!

Find Annie's Pizza Wagon at the Walworth County Fair and the Elkhorn Flea Market! Serving all of Annie's Burgertown classics: homemade pizzas, Italian beef sandwiches, meatball bombers, and Italian sausage.

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